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And in week 2, my team proves me wrong, winning 14-3 over San Diego. We almost pulled off the win in week 1 as well. This was win #33 overall. The D went sack and pick happy, and Reeves caught a TD in the victory.

Week 7 sees us beat up on SF 14-10, win #34 overall. Both scores come in the second quarter for us, and we coast on D the rest of the way.

hahahahahahahahahahahah Week 12, DE Brody, our career sack leader, goes out with the infamous Tabacco Withdrawl Syndrome....He was one of three guys left on D that could do anything. I think we'll prolly be 2-14 this season now.

Week 15 sees us lose one of our two remaining TEs to ACL surgury. It saddens me to do so, but we have to convert our lone FB to TE. I've really liked him there, and our running game stunk when he was hurt and out, but since we really don't have one anymore, I guess its okay.

Okay, after looking again, long time RB backup Bucky Jennings can play TE, so he's the one. He and Bush were pretty much equal at this point, so it was a wash, and we still have our FB who can convert to either TE or RB if needed.

And my prediction turned out right. We go 2-12. Brody came back in the last week, wearing a patch under his helmet aparently. Reeves, while having an off season for him, still catches 119 passes (66% of his targets) for almost 1400 yards. His YPC was the lowest since his rookie year, however. On defense, our sack leader (Brody) had 4.5, and top picks were 2. McM had less than 700 yards and under 3.5 YPC. McG had an awful season. I hope this is the last, because I don't think I can take another dreadful season with these guys, as much as I love some of them.

Reeves is shut out of awards this year. Its a shame, because he played the last 5 games with a bad hammy and played well. Nobody else (suprise suprise) gets any awards.

Fingers crossed to for multiple retires.
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