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Originally Posted by beargrowlz View Post
Contact jdavidbakr and see if his uploader is publicly available. It's prettycool but I don't know if he has released it to the public.

If not, there's one in widespread use coded by Kevin Moring. We don't use it anymore but I'd be happy to send it to you. Someone sent it to me when we first opened and we used it for a few seasons. It's simple and easy to use and gets the job done.


Bear, mind sending it (and instructions if any) to me? I have contacted both lordscarlet, and wade moore of the Text Sports Network, as well as Ben E Lou for his web solution. Ben E Lou did get back to me, but I am guessing he is very busy, as he did not say when he could get to it. My members are antsy, but we do not have to tools in place to proceed, so I am trying to wait for a legit, and permanate hosting solution. I know you mentioned BigLeagueSports, and that is an option, but the others seem to have so much more to offer. Any other one's I am missing?

I really would love to get hooked up with one of the first two, (and I am still holding out hope) but maybe we are too eager, and restless? I dunno.

Thanks for your time.

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