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I'm in the "excellent episode" camp. As I discussed with my roommate, I'm a little sad that they took the implication out of the Renly/Loras relationship and made it so blatant, but it was a pretty great scene and helped the plot development an awful lot. I really enjoyed that they included some banter between Renly and Littlefinger at the joust and thought that it was quite well done. Actually, all of the banter this episode (Renly & Littlefinger at the joust, Littlefinger & Varys before the small council meeting and Tyrion & Bronn after the battle on the road to the Vale "I'm willing if she is") was very well done, I thought.

I was one of those who didn't find Gregor all that impressively large while on his horse, but watching him stalk off after the fight was averted and seeing him absolutely TOWER over everyone else was pretty awesome.

Although while I was watching it I didn't like the scene between Cersei and Robert, looking back it was very well done, and I really like it upon further consideration. Robert was simply phenomenal all episode long.

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