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I have been having computer issues, so HBO Go was a no go for me last night (I even need the computer to update the phone, so I can download the HBO Go app to my IPhone; silly). So unless I get my computer issues worked out pretty quick, I am pretty sure I'll be waiting until next Sunday as well.

I wonder, do we need to have Episode 7 stuff spoilered for a few days? Or should those of us who have not been able to catch Episode 7 on HBO Go just avoid the thread? I am fine either way.

As for Episode 6, like everyone else, I loved the Viserys scene, very well done. And while I thought he was a good pick for Khal Drogo anyway, I have to admit I think Jason Momoa has grown on me even more so in that role. He's really become more or less what I thought an on screen representation of the Khal would become.

Oh, and let me again profess my love for the actress playing Danaerys's Westeros handmaiden (I forget the character's name).

I was also bothered by Littlefinger's banter in the throne room, but I understand why they did that. I think there might have been a more subtle way of doing that, but my guess is that that scene caused a lot of consternation for the show producers.

The Theon scene was indeed a little odd to me as well, but no way on Earth am I going to mind more screen time for Roz.

I loved the way the scene went down in the Eyrie, especially Bronn's response to Lysa's comment about fighting with honor.

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