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Originally Posted by CU Tiger View Post
I'm not trying to be a dick, really I am not.
If I am coming off that way, please forgive me.

Why guns though? Why is that the tool you decide to attack.

Far, far more people die in car crashes, or from alcohol, or cigarettes every year then die from guns.

Where is the outrage over these things. Hell without cars people would walk more, be healthier, the air would be cleaner, there would be no dependence on foreign oil. Healthcare costs would one NEEDS a car anymore than anyone NEEDS a gun. Just let the trained government officials have the only cars and they can transport us where they want us to go.

The government can haul our foods and goods. Hell we can convert all the now unnecessary gas stations to homeless shelters.

BTW I'm a car guy as well. I have 16 tagged and registered cars and 3 more projects. I dont condone banning them either...but Id sooner ban cars than guns.

How many more innocent kids have to die because their moms dont buckle them up. Just outlaw the damn cars already

Because guns are the main tools little Tommy uses when he gets butthurt at school and decides to even the score.

People know that using cars carries with it an inherent level of danger. If they are like me, they take steps to limit the danger. I paid extra to get a car that has safety features like airbags, blind spot warnings, lane departure warnings, etc. I took reasonable steps to mitigate the danger. I take public transportation from the train station to New Haven. I drive about 3 miles to get to the station and ride 30 miles in to work.

Cars aren't used to intentionally kill innocents as often as guns are. This is just throwing mud in the water to stop the focus on guns. I can live with accidents easier than I can live with intentional mass murders.

Cigarettes? Ban 'em. Fine by me. Alcohol? Stricter laws and stronger enforcement for infractions. Drink and drive? License gone for 5 years. Second offense - jail time, license gone for life.
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