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Originally Posted by RainMaker View Post
If you're stashing guns around the house, you sound like someone who does have considerable fear of a home invasion. That's not a bad thing, we all have our own fears.

House fires kill thousands a year (along with pets) and cost untold monetary damage to property. Most people are willing to buy a few smoke alarms and fire extinguishers to combat this. But most won't spend over $10,000 to install a sprinkler system in their home despite that risk. They don't install fire resistant doors.

Automobile deaths are around 37,000 I believe. A seat belt doesn't take much effort to put on and comes with the car. But most people don't install aftermarket cages and expensive harnesses for protection. They don't put on fire suits either.

But when we're talking statistics, less than 100 people in this country die from burglary related homicides. Even less from strangers. You're as likely to die from a bee sting as you are from a random home intruder. I don't think you leave the house in a beekeepers suit.

Perhaps you do go those extra lengths I mentioned to protect yourself and your family from more dangerous things in this world. But it feels more like an irrational fear of a home invasion or overcompensation for something else.

I object to the phrasing of "stashing guns". They are securely and covertly placed. They aren't accidentally falling out. I truly have no fear of a home invasion. Never think about it. But I prepare for it.

I think your examples are over the top in comparison. I dont have vault doors on my home, 8 position cameras or escape tunnels I simple have protection tools. Tools all total cost me ~2% of my annual income and have a life expectancy of multiples of my life expectancy and escalate in value. Its an inconsequential discussion.

Originally Posted by digamma View Post
This is the second time in this thread you've tried to co-opt gun ownership as some sort of sign of something else, or lack of a gun as a veiled insult. The first was equating gun ownership to patriotism--insinuating that if you don't carry, you're not a real patriot. Now it's even worse, with an insinuation that if you don't carry, you're not a real man.


Lets re-visit what I said:

Originally Posted by CU Tiger View Post
I think it's the responsibility of husbands and fathers to protect their family. I believe in self accountability and personal responsibility. I take responsibility for my family's and my safety. I don't rely on others (police) or depend on them.

In everything I've ever set my mind to I've succeeded, and my mind is set on protecting mine. I don't do half ass.

Stated another way. I think it is the responsibility of myself and every husband and father to protect their family. I take that responsibility to mean I will do EVERYTHING in my power to ensure I accomplish that task. I respect that others are free to assess their personal risk tolerance, their means, their abilities and their environments and are free to reach their own conclusions. Even if they differ from mine. That said, if you dont feel the need to arm yourself and something happens to your family, however minuscule that chance may be, I personally will judge you as the failure. That doesnt have to mean a gun, maybe you are a trained fighter and can protect your family against any threat with your bare hands. Maybe you have carefully selected to live in an environment 100% free from any danger. All of those are "acceptable" defenses...or frankly maybe you are just very lucky. Your practices arent questioned until results dictate.

Now I dont expect you to give two shits about what I think of you, just like I dont give two shits what you think about me. But this is a discussion forum and I am discussing my beliefs.I have stated what I feel, for me, and explained WHY I take the actions that I take. My stance is that as the Father and Husband of my household that my family depends on me to defend them at all costs and that is how I choose to do so. If you choose to extrapolate that as a judgement on your (lack of) preparation and action then that is on you.

You have hurled insults at me in this thread. Not once have I directed any at you.

We are both strong and impassioned in our beliefs. We both know where each other stands. I continue to engage the discussion, despite being in the vast minority in this community, in hopes of hearing something that makes me stop and ponder and to hopefully offer the same occasionally.
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