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Originally Posted by Fidatelo View Post
If statistically there is a higher likelihood of your family suffering an injury from your own guns than there is from an intruder, isn't it your responsibility as a husband and father to remove the guns from your home?

Good guy with a gun myth: Guns increase the risk of homicide, accidents, suicide.

Because Im not a statistic. Im a living breathing human. My kids were taught about guns and how and when to access them from the time they could walk. They are never hidden in my house, they are never taboo. People who dont respect guns, and hie them from their kids account for 99% of all those stats.

Originally Posted by AENeuman View Post
Just curious, why do you see the responsibility to protect a family a uniquely male responsibility?

I feel like I am being baited here, but I'll take the bait and answer honestly.

Old fashioned. Biblical. Stronger Sex. Caveman. Call it what you will.
My wife hasnt worked since our kids were born. She has been a stay home mom. I work and financially provide for our family. She cleans and cooks. I do yard work. It works for us and why we are both breaking the cycle.

Bluntly I am 6'1 280lbs. My wife is 5'2 125lb. (Ok probably a few more as middle age has approached but I aint asking THAT question-lol) who is better equipped to protect?

I would rather die protecting her than see her get a bruise or a scratch.

For my way of belief that is the job of a male. Again, I dont ask you to feel that same, I am merely expressing what I feel and I believe.
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