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Originally Posted by AlexB View Post
Dola, I’m exempting CU Tiger specifically from the above - he very much addresses the essence of the debate.

I’m finding his posts genuinely interesting and educational in this thread (without any of the real aggression I remember from previous similar threads), but also slightly depressing at the same time that these are real fears/issues that people feel the need to consider in what is considered a free and developed civilisation.

Free and developed civilization here can be debated and can be subjective which in my mind is a shame

I live in Baltimore City- about a mile from the mall that was looted a few years ago and about 1.5-1.8 depending on the route you take to the CVS that burnt down.

While I wont get into that whole debacle, I will say that I live in a nice neighborhood, but we are too close to main access roads. I routinely have drug deals on the side of my house, had to call the cops to take possession of crack rocks that they were hiding in my bushes this past summer, and the amount of prostitution that goes on is mind blowing. I have literally walked out to someone giving a blowjob on the hood of a car on the side of my house.

While I don't have any children, I do feel the need to have a shotgun in the house because I have no idea who is on the side of my house on the regular, and constantly wonder if someone is going to try to come in. It takes the police 30-55 mins to show up when you call for anything in my city. The gun makes me feel better about what might happen if someone would try to come into the house when me or my fiancÚ are there. We cant count on anything but ourselves, our big dog, and our neighbors so the gun for us is necessary even though we would much rather be without it.

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