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Week 2

In game two, I had the opportunity to face my former captain, Doug and the Swingers (2011 champions). Looking at the draft, Doug's team is definitely one of the favorites in the league.

For our game, his team showed it, though my team gave A LOT of help. The final score was 23-14 in favor of the Swingers, and by my count, the Honey Badgers committed at least 25 errors. Yes, we were THAT bad on defense. However, I cannot complain about our offensive output.

By inning, the Swingers scored a quick three in the first, and we answered with a run. The Swingers scored the max 5 in the 2nd, and we could not score. In the third, the Swingers scored three and we answered with our own three to make it 11-4. The Swingers got five again in the fourth, and we only scored one to make it 16-5. After four more runs in the 5th, the Honey Badgers answered with two. The Swingers completed their scoring in the sixth, scoring three, and the we answered with our first max inning to make it 23-12. We held them to no runs in the seventh, but we could only score 2 in our comeback bid for the final 23-14 count.

The lineup:
1 - Halbreich - SS
2 - DeBree - 1B
3 - Frank - CF
4 - Gonzalez - 2B/LF
5 - Mary Kay - LROV/RROV
6 - Dustin - 3B
7 - McMillan - RROV / 2B
8 - Keeler - RF
9 - Lee - LF
10 - Camille - C/RROV
11 - Sundell - RROV/RF
12 - MJ - C/LROV

DNP - Johnson - frisbee all-star game in Jeju, Korea

My scorers did not indicate how people were out, which sucks for me determining batting order. I put them in where I could remember.
Bottom 1st: Trailing 3-0
Halbreich - 1B, advance on error
DeBree - RBI 1B (1-3)
Frank - out
Gonzalez - 1B, out at third because he was off base
MaryKay - 1B
Dustin - ground out

Bottom 2nd: Trailing 8-1
McMillan - ground out
Keeler - 1B
Lee - FO-9
Camille - out

Bottom 3rd: Trailing 11-1
Sundell - 1B
MJ - FC, Sundell to 2nd
Halbreich - FC, Sundell to 3rd
DeBree - RBI single (2-11)
Frank - 1B
Gonzalez - 2-RBI single, advanced (4-11)
MaryKay - GO

Bottom 4th: Trailing 16-4
Dustin - out
McMillan - 2B
Keeler - 1B
Lee - RBI SacFly (5-16)
Camille - FO

Bottom 5th: Trailing 20-5
Sundell - 1B
MJ - out
Halbreich - RBI single (6-20)
DeBree - RBI single (7-20)
Frank - FC
Gonzalez - out

Bottom 6th: Trailing 23-7
MaryKay - 1B
Dustin - FO7
McMillan - 1B
Keeler - 1B
Lee - 3-RBI single, advanced (10-23)
Camille - out
Sundell - RBI single (11-23)
MJ - 1B
Halbreich - RBI single (12-23, 5-run rule)

Bottom 7th: Trailing 23-12
DeBree - HR (13-23)
Frank - Pop Out
Gonzalez - 1B
MaryKay - FC
Dustin - RBI single (14-23)
McMillan - out

Game over

In the field, we were terrible! Halbreich just could not get the handle on the ball on a bunch of routine plays. Dustin made some terrible throws from 3B. I missed a fly ball that resulted in a four-bagger. Frank gave up an error-aided grand slam when he was more focused on his throw rather than catching the ball. Sundell also misplayed one in RF that allowed two players to score. We lost the game ONLY because of terrible defense.

With that said, I don't think we'll have that kind of game again. I am very proud of what our bats have been doing. Even though Frank and Dustin weren't as productive as they usually are, our team still kept manufacturing runs. If we can average two runs an inning throughout the season, we'll come out on top in the vast majority of games.

Next week, we play the 0-2 Pitch Slappers. Bill's team has been looking quite pedestrian, dropping their last game 17-4 to the Bus Drivers. I am expecting a win this week to move to 2-1 in the first round of division play.
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