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Week 10

In the final game of the regular season, we took on Wild Bill’s Pitch Slappers on June 17 for the second time. Going into the game, the Pitch Slappers had already clinched the division due to tie breakers, but Wild Bill and his crew wanted sole possession of first place.

I will call this game the Drama Game, thanks in part to yours truly. We scored the maximum five runs in the bottom of the 1st and then neither team scored until the top of the fifth when the Pitch Slappers scored three. The Pitch Slappers added three more in the top of the sixth to take the lead, but we answered with a run to knot it at six. In the seventh, the Pitch Slappers scored a run to take a 7-6 lead. We were down to our last out in the bottom of the seventh with a runner on second. DeBree then got a single to score the tying run. Then I was up at the plate. My job was to get a base hit and put the winning run in scoring position. However, things did not work out that way. Instead I hit a ball into right field that just kept rolling for a stand-up, walk-off, game-winning double!!!

Sure, we finished the season 3-7 and in last place, but the last two games were dramatic and fun. I’m just glad we came out on top. As it stands, we will finish the season as one of only two who can finish with a win.

1 – Keeler
2 – Gonzalez
3 – Halbreich
4 – Vinny
5 – DeBree
6 – Babin
7 – Dustin
8 – MJ
9 – Frank
10 – McMillan
11 – MaryKay
12 – Camille

Bottom 1st: Tied 0-0
Keeler – 1B
Gonzalez – 1B, Keeler to 3rd
Halbreich – RBI Sac Fly (1-0)
Vinny – Double, Gonzalez to 3rd
DeBree – 2-RBI single (3-0)
Babin – 1B
Dustin – 2-RBI double (5-0)

Bottom 2nd: Leading 5-0
MJ – GO, 6-3
Frank – FO,8
McMillan – FO, 8

Bottom 3rd: Leading 5-0
MaryKay – GO, 6-3
Camille – PO, 3
Keeler – PO, 2

Bottom 4th: Leading 5-0
Gonzalez – GO, 6-3
Halbreich – FO, 8
Vinny – PO, 2

Bottom 5th: Leading 5-3
DeBree – GO
Babin – FO
Dustin – FO
3 Up/3 Down the last FOUR innings! Yikes! We did the same to them in the first three innings, only giving up a single hit in that time.

Bottom 6th: Trailing 6-5
MJ – 1B, advanced on error
Frank – RBI double (6-6)
McMillan – 1B, Frank out at home, McMillan advanced
MaryKay – GO, 6-3
Camille – Infield single
Keeler – FC, 5-4

Bottom 7th: Trailing 7-6
Gonzalez – 1B
Halbreich – FO, 9
Vinny – FO8, Gonzalez to 2nd
DeBree – RBI single (7-7)
Babin – RBI double (Final, 8-7)

I was game MVP for the game-winning hit and making a lot of outs on defense. I lost count of outs, but more than five putouts on line drives, pop outs, and force plays, and three assists.

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