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Originally Posted by SirBlurton View Post
What's the reason for younger players to retire? Are they buried on the depth chart? I just noticed quite a few 20 to 23 year olds?

Usually, it's because the player is really bad (below 145/$4). After that, it's because he's been sitting in the FA pool or his contract is about up (and probably won't be renewed)

There's a small chance that younger players retire 'out of the blue', though. I calculate a percent chance for each player in the league to retire, and then start rolling from the highest percent chance players down to the lowest until I get 45 retirements.

That being said, I also cut off the retirement percentage at the top and bottom. If a player has a 90% chance of retiring, I auto-set it to 100%. If a player has lower than 15% chance, I auto-set it to 0%. (I don't really like the idea of really low probability retirements coming true.)

The 3 biggest factors in pushing a player towards retiring:
#1 Being crappy (below 145/$4)
#2 Being old (above 33)
#3 Being a FA

The biggest factors against retirement:
#1 Having a long contract
#2 Being young (below 30)
#3 Being good (above 175/$9)

The list is presented in order of retirement %, so the first group of guys were all 100% retirements. I bet the 100% group cut off right before the Blues' Andy Irons. The rest are most likely the non-100%, but near 90% retirements. I had to run this about a dozen times to get the history to handle retirements right, and it almost never changed. (maybe the last 2-3 guys changed once in a while) That tells me that this whole list comes from the really high retirement percentage end of the pool.
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