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Loving this game. I picked it up, started with Tipperary FC in the bottom/amateur tier of the FAI (I also loaded all the team names mod from Steam.) I played through the first game of Season 8 yesterday (I'm at work on just under 2 hours sleep) Season 1 Promoted to League 3, Season 2 Promoted to League 2 Season 3 grabbed the last spot above relegation from League 2. Season 4 staved off relegation again. Season 5 got relegated pretty thoroughly back to League 3 (a group of older players retired.) Season 6 bounced right back up from League 3 to League 2. Season 7 got absolutely mauled as I sold my Star Keeper in the Winter window of my promotion season (6) so he didn't enter the dreaded too old to sell period. My backups weren't ready. We ended a 26 game season with 6 points. If this game could fire me I'd have been out. So season 8 I start back at Level 3 again but I have the the best bench coach you can have (so all my players get XP as though they were playing), a 5000 seat stadium that I overfill and a 2.5 star Youth pull twice a year. My team is almost all former youth and some buys that I churn. It's been a whirlwind and I can't wait to get back to it. This would be an amazing IPad game wonder if they have any plans to do that. OK sorry back to Des Moines

Awesome results. In my first playthrough, I promoted to League 3 in my 2nd season and was maintaining a mid table standing before I started this dynasty.
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