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Prestige Cup - Qualifying Round: Des Moines Menace at Calgary Foothills FC

I rest Heath and Seymour as we have a league game in just a few days. New signee Dyson and useless Banuelos get the start here. After a boring first half where we miss our only shot on goal, Atkins makes two easy conversions. Granger actually makes a one on one save and Dyson does a good job in his debut.

Final Score: Des Moines 2, Calgary 0
Goals: Atkins 2
Top Three: Atkins, Jennings, Mcgill

Canales improves to lvl 28.
Granger improves to lvl 15.
Huggins improves to lvl 14.
Lawler improves to lvl 14.
Mcgill improves to lvl 10.
Jennings improves to lvl 9.
Mccurdy improves to lvl 9.
Banuelos improves to lvl 8.
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