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Aug 26

Clarkston SC Eagles (3-0-3, 5th) at Des Moines Menace (4-2-0, 2nd)

We have a couple weeks off after this, so I use my full starting lineup. Redd is back and dominates the midfield, stopping several counterattacks. This leads to an early Atkins goal. Seymour misses several shots in the first half, but finally breaks through in the 2nd half when he's able to run behind the defense and beats the keeper one on one.

Final Score: Des Moines 2, Clarkstown S-C 0
Goals: Atkins, Seymour
Top Three: Redd, Heath, Atkins

Heath increased his specialization level. I decide to improve his long pass skill.

Redd increased his specialization level. I only have him for 7 more months, so I increase his popularity to build up supporters.
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