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October 10

Prestige Cup - Round of 32: Richmond Kickers at Des Moines Menace

Richmond is a 2nd league club, so this should be painful. Lance is back from his injury. I switch to a 5-4-1 to try and keep this a low scoring affair. Kinda turned out differently than expected. They take the lead on an early free kick, but Atkins somehow beats their superb defense (lucky dice roll) to equalize. They take the lead again when they manage to flank our defense, but Atkins somehow pulls another goal out on the next possession. Our defense holds tight and we actually get a chance to win, but Atkins can't connect a third time.

Final Score: Des Moines 2, Richmond 2
Goals: Atkins 2
Top Three: Akins, Nesbitt, Heath

Granger improves to lvl 16.
Nesbitt improves to lvl 16.
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