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Based on what I pulled out of my OSFL folder when I stopped simming, it looks like:

.32F (this is the FTP info file)
.fmk (this is the FMK file)
.fmm (this is the FMM file)

For those not wise up on Jim's acronyms, MMK appears to stand for "this file contains the start year" (??? I'm not totally sure that's what it is), and FMM stands for "FOF commissioner password".

As far as I can tell, none of these files are ever updated during simming.
Oh! There's also the .FPN file, which I believe is for gameplans. That is never distributed. I suspect but have not confirmed that if you tag-team commish -- or change systems -- it is a good idea to pass this FPN file back and forth to make sure that every team has the most recently exported gameplan.

If this file does get distributed accidentally (you'd have to do that manually; I've done it on occasion), then GMs will find that while their exported GPs work, they will remain fixed in time when they look at it in game.
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