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I know this is an old thread, but as a new user I have been looking back through this board to see what I can learn from earlier discussions. I have a question about the play log in the very first post (though it also applies to some of the subsequently posted logs in this thread):

The description of the play says that the quarterback passed away from a double teamThe defense was double-teaming the tight end, who was an outlet target on this play. The touchdown was caught by the wide receiver who was the primary target, a double-covered outlet target wouldn’t seem to figure into his decision-making (unless the presumption is that he he cycled through his targets and returned to his primary target, though I don’t know if plays are designed to allow for that with regards to timing and defensive pressure considerations).

I'm no expert but for starters its not as common to see a double team on a TE. I'm pretty sure they need to have a significant difference in route running compared to their wr teammates. Anyways the defensive call was to double best receiver, or double second best receiver (which is mostly done by highest route running bar). And the offense called a good play, the defense was doubling a guy who wasn't a primary or secondary target. So in theory the defensive call took out one of their own guys and the offense capitalized.

Also, join a multiplayer league asap! No reason not to, don't be worried about what you know and what you don't know. There's some great guys in the league forums that can help you out, and same with this forum. Multiplayer is incredible.

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