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At present, "formal" diagnostic procedures for FOF have ended given my inability to update code at this time.

Load/save is a high-traffic process that was introduced in that form with FOF1. An error with the mechanism itself would have revealed itself years ago. File formats may have changed - often drastically (the code for updating MP leagues was so extensive that I didn't think it was a good idea to put in the actual product and would only run it myself), but the central idea didn't.

Crashes are almost always (not 100%, but close) one of two issues:

A) A "buffer overrun". This means that a name or title is too large for the variable it is being copied into, which will, because C++ gives you near-infinite freedom to screw up, wipe out the memory space assigned to other variables. When you try to access those variable, *poof*.

B) An array index issue. This means that you are accessing a fixed-size array (FOF uses those, because its roots extend earlier than the switch to std::vectors) using an index that's too low or too high. This means functions that expect input within a certain range may have random input. So, you might be asking the load program to load a name that has three billion characters *poof*.

Within the load function, both issues could come from the same common issue - a name or a team name that's too large for the field it's supposed to occupy. The standard data files probably don't have that issue, or I would know about it quickly. My guess runs along those lines.

If you're not using any non-release data files for players or teams, then I would suggest removing the *.fgr file from the installation. For a while there, with Vista/XP/7/8, anything involving configuration was an adventure. I never did learn to do that part properly - everything I tried using one OS failed in another in some way. So I kept it as vanilla as possible, but maybe not enough.

I hope that helps. During this transition process, support is not ideal, and I apologize for that.
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