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I'd say:

-read up on what makes for a likely-hit draft pick (combines connecting to ratings bars, that sort of thing)

-either use a gameplan you find here (or online somewhere), or else go with an in-game "guided gameplan" for your offense built around your OC's preference...and get comfortable with that offensive style

-get comfortable with cap management, and how to allocate funds under the cap to various positions, how and when to use the "veteran minimum salary" and the like (all this should help you prioritize when drafting, renegotiating, and so forth)... and learn to think in terms of "% of the salary cap" rather than dollar amounts

-get familiar with your receivers group, it's the highest bang for the buck when it comes to investing your time in the deeper details... learn the ratings (BPR, GD, Courage) and what they all mean, learn the importance of "Route Running" and then work to put your receivers into situations where their skills are a good fit

-save defensive gameplanning for later, it's pretty hard to do meaningfully better than just asking for the game to Recommend (aka "Rex")

Thanks for the recommendations! I'm currently trying to familiarise myself with the guided gameplans etc using some resources from Corbes's posts here. I'll take note on the cap point too, I'll see what's in the help file about the veterans minimum etc.

Thanks for the MP links too! I think i'll have to polish my skills in single player for a while first, not to mention refine my excel and python skills too! I've watched all the videos about MP from everyone and I know how hyper competitive it is! Looks like great fun, currently watching all of Claystone's videos.
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