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So, the bad news... we lose Tom Rowbotham for 2 weeks. Because, you know, it's an Izulde FM dynasty, and something bad has to happen for every good thing. Gbenga Sonuga is banned for a match, and getting sent off on his debut pisses me off, so I warn him. He accepts it.

Transfer In AML Dean Stevens (27) - 0.5/0.5
I thought he'd be better than that. Oh well, consider him a depth signing.

Transfer In: AMC Liam Loughlin (26) - 4/5[/b]
Fantastic signing that will give us coverage and flexibility.

1st @Badsey Rangers (2nd)
G: Ash Malhotra
D: James Kay/Bernard Morley/Craig Suddaby/Brian Close
M: Tom Schofield/Andy Catley/Phil Lindley
AM: Liam Loughlin
ST: Brian Haule/James Tevendale

10 - Schofield cracks a long cross to Haule, who I think is going to sink it. The defense strips it away, but Tevendale's right there too, and he steals it for the quick kick-in and the lead! 1-0

22 - Sigh. Just couldn't clear out the rebound in time. 1-1

We get out of the half with a tie, and both teams having had an opportunity to go ahead. Morley, our nominal captain, continues to play poorly, so he's once again benched, with the same Close to DC and Walters at DR move.

57 - Mitchell goes on for the ineffectual Lindley.

Twice we had wide open shots on goal, once for Tevendale and once for Haule, and both blew the chances to convert for the 3 points. We drop to 2nd with the tie, because remember, only the champion advances in this level. ...Oh wait... TWO teams win promotion! By the way, it's a 28 game season, so every one counts.

Phil Lindley is appointed Captain, Liam Loughlin vice-captain, even though Andy Catley is the recommended captain. Doesn't matter. Team's happy overall anyway, and Loughlin is thrilled to be named vice-captain.

Transfer In: DC Anthony Newton (28) - 5/5
Mmmhmm. Position of strength, but why not?

2nd vs Coventry United (8th)
G: Ash Malhotra
D: James Kay/Gbenga Sonuga/Anthony Newton/Brian Close
M: Phil Lindley/Tom Schofield
AM: Dean Stevens/Liam Loughlin/Paul McDonnell
ST: Brian Haule

The heavy favorites to win the league, a victory over these guys would go a long way to establishing our legitimacy this season.

3 - Nobody was there to clear out the fucking rebound 0-1

17 - Loughlin angles the indirect free kick, and they clear out. Lindley pounces and shoots, but they kick it away again. This time, Schofield's got a clear line, and third time is *finally* the damn charm. 1-1

33 - Bullshit PK on Sonuga. Of course they fucking convert. 1-2


48 - I scream at the team at half, and they take out the guy who scored 2 goals on us. I'm then treated to the rather fucking delightful "Redhead replaces Peck" line. But I'm so pissed we're losing.

53 - So pissed I burn all my subs, and fuck who I brought in and out.

58 - Let's see... everybody we appoint as captain plays like a jackoff, and every fucking AMC we have gets hurt. Because guess what? Loughlin's knocked out AND WE HAVE NO DAMN SUBS LEFT.

68 - Redhead gets an assist. We're getting beat like redheaded stepchildren in a blonde as fuck family. 1-4

73 - Close with a flukeass free kick goal. I give no fucks 2-4

Yep, should've quit the dynasty after the first post. We crash to 7th.

Liam Laughlin is out 2 months.

FA silent over Jestor criticism? YOU DAMN FUCKING RIGHT, ASSHOLES!

7th @Northfield Town (14th)
G: Ash Malhotra
D: James Kay/Bernard Morley/Anthony Newton/Brian Close
M: Craig Mitchell/Andy Catley/Phil Lindley
AM: Tom Schofield
ST: Brian Haule/James Tevendale

I let my assman pick the lineup this time.

We've been knocking all the door all half, and nothing. Our finishing is awful.

57 - Mitchell to Haule to Tevendale, who dances through the hole in the D before pot-shotting and *finally* getting a goal to drop. 1-0

68 - I put Rowbotham and McDonnell in for Mitchell and Catley, because they're looking exhausted out there, and that initial pass for the goal aside, Mitchell's stunk.

71 - Close short passes it to Tevendale on the right wing. Our second striker crosses it, and the opposing goalie deflects it away. Looks like it's headed for the touchline and a corner, but somehow Haule kicks it, falling down as he does so, and it goes in!!! 2-0

75 - Great pass forward by Rowbotham for Haule, but the ensuing shot is robbed by the post.

77 - Shady disallowed goal is shady.

89 - Another terrible game for Morley, so on goes Suddaby to save the game.

Good Guys
Brian Haule - 8.0
James Tevendale - 7.9
James Kay - 7.5

We leap up to 3rd, but Polesworth is one of several teams also with 7 points and they have game in hand on us. We're a point behind fucking Coventry United, and Badsey Rangers, whom we tied, are top of the table with 10 points at one-seventh into the season.
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