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3rd vs Paget (4th)
G: Ash Malhotra
D: James Kay/Tom Rowbotham/Anthony Newton/Brian Close
M: Phil Lindley/Craig Mitchell
AM: Dean Stevens/Tom Schofield/Paul McDonnell
ST: Brian Haule

Mostly the assman's lineup, though I put Stevens in at AML, as he's natural there.

24 - Lindley short passes to Haule, who plays a perfectly pristine pass into wide open pasture for Stevens to run past everyone and shoot it in for his first goal for us! 1-0

We're doing okay at the half. A couple more shots on both sides where the scoreline should be something like 2-1 or 3-1, but I'll take our current lead, sure. Schofield is ignoring me at the half, so I put in Tevendale.

48 - Ugh. 1-1

53 - Oh look, here's our fuckign second half meltdown 1-2

87 - 3 straight shots where we shank, shank, shank. Now Rowbotham's hurt. I put Walters in at DL earlier, so this is our last sub, and Sonuga gets the call.

Shit second half is shit, and we drop all the way to 7th with 7 points. 10 points are what's needed for the promotion spots now. That's twice now we've been slammed with the major upset label.

James Kay has gotten ripped apart by the fans, so we'll give Tremain Walters some starting time to see how he does.

Good Trains
Andy Catley
Ash Malhotra

Bad Trains
Mark Corbett

The board's satisfied. We made $9.1k profit last month and sold 192 shirts. We've got $13.5k in the bank, so money's looking real good right about now.

Transfer In - DR Mark Bertram (23) - 4/5
Might be the new DR starter to shift Brian Close up to MC.

7th @Entville Athletic (14th)
G: Ash Malhotra
D: James Kay/Tom Rowbotham/Anthony Newton/Mark Bertram
M: Craig Mitchell/Brian Close/Phil Lindley
AM: Tom Schofield
ST: Brian Haule/James Tevendale

Acumen picks, just cuz.

3 - Booming kick from Malhotra to Schofield, and two long passes later, it's Haule hammering it home for the early quick strike. 1-0

11 - Tevendale directs a series of passes, end result of is a back and forth with new DR Bertram before Tevendale bangs in goal #2. Weird that we seem to play better away than at home 2-0

What a great first half. We could have scored a couple more goals, too. I really like how this offense looks.

61 - I move Tevendale to AMC and put Wynne up front at striker, replacing Schofield, who again experiences a drop in second half form.

74 - Close to Haule to Wynne... and a textbook send into the box for Tevendale to notch his second goal of the game, his fourth of the season! 3-0

79 - Damn fluke goal. Catley on for the tired Mitchell.

91 - WTF?! 3-2

We damn near lost that game. 8.8 for James Tevendale, but that was about it. Still, we get the 3 points, and we're back up in 3rd, a point off the leaders.

3rd vs Leamington Hibernian (13th)
G: Ash Malhotra
D: James Kay/Craig Suddaby/Anthony Newton/Mark Bertram
M: Phil Lindley/Brian Close
AM: Dean Stevens/Tom Schofield/Paul McDonnell
ST: Brian Haule

One change I took out from the baseline strategy from FMM was allowing the wingers to cross. I feel like that's been a major issue for us, maybe. Worth a shot anyway.

13 - Fucking corners. 0-1

15 - Stevens with a pretty cross to Haule, and immediately three defenders converge on our Tanzanian striker. He lays it off to McDonnell, who scores the equalizer like it's nothing. 1-1

I replace Schofield with Tevendale and Lindley with Rowbotham at the break, as we're looking mighty sluggish out there.

55 - HTF did you miss that, Haule?! You were WIDE OPEN after Malhotra set you up with the cannon shot!

57 - Roll the dice and sub Mitchell in for Close, who louses it up today.

78 - Stevens dribbles the ball all the way down the left flank before post crossing it to McDonnell, who once again finds himself completely open for the sitting shot. He converts. 2-1

88 - ...Wow. I have ZERO idea how the opponents missed that, but we'll take it. Shank you!

8.8 for Paul McDonnell and 7.5 for Craig Suddaby. A game we could have scored a lot more in, but also a game we could have lost. Back up in 2nd, but two teams who can jump us have games in hand.

Brian Haule leads the league in assists with 5, and also has 11 offsides, the most of any player in the league. James Tevendale is second in offsides - a function of the system we run, of course.

Good Trains
Ash Malhotra

Bad Trains
Brian Haule

Board's now Pleased, and my Job Status is Secure. Small profit this month - just $301 - but money is money.

2nd @Rostance Edwards (3rd)
G: Ash Malhotra
D: James Kay/Tom Rowbotham/Anthony Newton/Mark Bertram
M: Paul McDonnell/Brian Close/Phil Lindley
AM: Tom Schofield
ST: Brian Haule/James Tevendale

We have yet to win a critical game like this. Every time, we've flamed out, with only one tie. Can today reverse that trend? Especially crucial since this is a game in hand team.

4 - Absolutely stunning ball forward by Tevendale for Schofield, who looks ready to shoot. But then he suddenly lays off to Haule, and hello beautiful start! 1-0

46 - Some great opportunities, but no conversion. Rowbotham is knocked out, so Suddaby gets the call just before half.

49 - And now McDonnell is forced off with injury. Catley in.

69 - Close on the free kick hits a long diagonal to Schofield, whistling just past the head of the defender in the box. Haule takes the ensuing pass, and the sorely needed insurance goal is there. 2-0

81 - Schofield is playing his damn heart out, but he's also tired. Loughlin needs to be worked back on to the pitch, so he subs in.

82 - Catley to Tevendale to Haule, who dribbles inside the goal box and then sends it to Tevendale, who ran all the way forward to be able to head it in! Game's ours now. 3-0

Our most complete win of the season by far in the biggest game of the year. Wow, just wow.

Great Players
Brian Haule - 9.3
Tom Schofield - 8.9
James Tevandale - 8.1
Mark Bertram - 7.8
Anthony Newton - 7.5

And we're back in 1st!!! Lot of teams with games in hand, but that's okay. We've 16 points through 8 games, and only a 6 game team can leapfrog us at the moment.

The fans naturally freak out with excitement at our big win.

I also belatedly realize every other team is fielding a roster of gray players, which is why we're favored in every single game. Now it's going to be embarrassing if we don't promote.

The team that could pass us does, much to my disappointment.

A few players have their statuses changed, which upsets them. Gbenga Sonuga in particular is furious, and won't listen at all in our talk.

Transfer In: AML Patrick Lauber (23) - 2.5/5
Major upgrade at AML, now and in the future. I also notice it's possible to ask the captain to welcome the player to the club. Seems like it's a good idea.

2nd vs Burntwood Town (5th)
G: Ash Malhotra
D: James Kay/Tom Rowbotham/Anthony Newton/Mark Bertram
M: Phil Lindley/Brian Close
AM: Patrick Lauber/Tom Schofield/Paul McDonnell
ST: Brian Haule

Going to be a rough match, given the long layoff, and another huge game.

1 OMG! Lauber with the corner kick to Rowbotham and WE FINALLY HAVE OUR FIRST CORNER KICK GOAL OF THE SEASON!!! 1-0

4 See Izulde FM rules. Haule's hurt, so in comes Tevendale.

15 - Completely faked out. 1-1

45 - Mitchell on for error-prone Lindley


67 - Now Rowbotham is out, so Morley goes in. We keep missing shot after shot after shot, too.

74 - Game doesn't want me to win. Mitchell's out with injury now, too.


We crash all the way down to 4th, and lose Tom Rowbotham and Paul McDonnell for a month and 2 months respectively.

Izulde FM curse at work yet again.
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