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There's a number of guys on this list I want to keep long-term, but I think I'm just going to wait and see what comes after the season.

vs FC Stratford
In the end, since the media hypes this match, I'll let my assman choose. John Wigglesworth gets his first start as our lone striker.

Loughlin and Rowbotham go in for Schofield and Ward at the half, as the latter players aren't doing anything today. In fact, Schofield is having his worst half of the entire season.

47 - Wigglesworth is robbed by a shady offsides call.

And it ends in just our second match of the year where we fail to score a goal.

Joe Ward is pissed about being subbed in for, and we have to have a conversation about it. Gives me a dim view of a kid I thought about maybe keeping around as part of our future.

Successful season is successful.

We get $6.97k for winning the league.

Our finish was six games unbeaten, which is a modern day record for the club.

Good Yearly Trains
DLCR Chris Black
DLCR Blair McGuinness
GK Martin Grice
MC/AMC/AMR Leon Shaw
ST/MC Lloyd Edge

Bad Yearly Trains
Brian Haule
Craig Suddaby
James Tevendale
Phil Lindley
Paul McDonnell

Inkberrow Notes
Value: $160k
Average Ticket Price: $2
Average Season Ticket Price: $54
Season Ticket Holders: 90
Facilities: None listed on the screen

I don't understand the end of season team meeting, other than to say it went horribly. Nobody thinks we can be mid-table at the next level.

Yearly profit: $64.53k, so no additional taxes.

Our first kit deal was worth $9.68k. The new one is worth $9.75k for one year, so we have *two* uniform sponsorships now.

Teams at this level don't have their own stadium, and the board tries to move into an actual stadium, but the local council blocks it.

Still, with a $31.39k profit the past month, the board has $75.4k in the bank.

A couple players with prearranged departures leave at the start of the transfer window.

And then the raids start happening.

GK Ash Malhotra
DL James Kay
DC Anthony Newton
DC Craig Suddaby
DC/MC Tom Rowbotham
MC/AMC Tom Schofield
AMC Liam Loughlin
AMR/ST Tony Wynne
AMC/AMR/ST James Tevendale
Joe Forster (U21 prospect)
Richard Heath (U21 prospect)
Blair McGuinness (U21 prospect)

And that's before we get promoted up to the Wearside Football League.

No one will come play for us, either.

At this rate, we'll be lucky to avoid relegation. So depressing.
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