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19th vs Pegasus Juniors (10th)
G: Kevin Miller
D: Dan Byrne/Ray Thompson/Steve Corris/Ben Delaney
M: Malcolm Prince/Duncan Russell
AM: Lynton Conroy/Stuart Woods/Michael Soar
S: Terry Pillinger

Don't get too comfortable with these names - I'm going to get rid of everyone. But for now, here's my old 4-2-3-1 in effect.

5 - Bitchass fluke goal 0-1

13 - Can't stop corner kicks 0-2

45 - Byrne one-touches a clearance to Conroy, who sends it to Woods. Dribble and shot later, and we're back in it. 1-2

88 - Since the half, we've had a player go out with injury, an opponent's goal disallowed to offside, another of our players sent off with a double yellow, and then this beauty.... a goal kick right into open space for the striker Pillinger, who launches a long kick that finds the net!!! 2-2

91 - Damn. 2-3

We lose Stuart Woods for 3 to 4 months with a hamstring injury. We also crash into the drop zone.

Transfer In - DM/MC Junior Lewis - 41
He's coming in both as a player and as an assman. Now I can finally start putting a true staff together.

We lose our next game 1-5 while I'm waiting for everyone to be released so we can start remaking the roster. That's not happening fast enough, so I flat-out mutually terminate or release on a free everyone except Lewis, who's ineligible anyway.

A ton of signings happen over the next several days, enough that we're able to put together a skeleton lineup that had one attribute to consider: Pace.

22nd @Glossup (10th)
G: Darren Guichard
D: Jean Khasa/Emanuel Otira/Paul Staniforth/Daniel Payne
M: Anton Astley/Gray/Gray/Matt Dodds
AMC: Drew Underwood
ST: Steve O'Connor

An LOL bad 0-2 loss.

Fuck this game. I can read and read and fucking read all I like and I can't ever do anything more than fluke promotions.
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