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The losing continues in the next match, a 1-3 defeat. Nathan Jukes gets sent off in the first minute and is suspended for 3 games. My assman tells me to drop half the team. We're in last place.

And yet, I have a weird sort tranquility about it. A kind of resignation that I'll always be stuck in this pit of suckiness.

$3.24k profit last month, but my job status is Very Insecure. It's October. I may not make Thanksgiving. Hell, maybe not even Halloween.

16th vs Paulsgrove (7th)
GK Nick Hutchings
D: Paul Whitehead/Michael Walker/Andy Henry
M: Melvyn Ellington/Mark Davison/Ernie Perfimou/Colin Lewis
S: Gary Henry/Marcus Cochrane/Joe Bower

Whitehead, Perfimou, and Lewis are Dersingham holdovers who are newly starting because of assman insistence/shit play from guys I've brought in.

7 - PK, and Cochrane converts! He's tied for the lead league in goals scored before this game, by the way, so at least I made one great signing. 1-0

We win, but we damn sure don't deserve to. I tell them to focus on next match and not get complacent since I don't have the option to tell them they sucked ass even though we won.

14th @Chadderton Reserves (9th)
Same lineup with exception of Ian Evans at DC for Andy Henry, who's struck with food poisoning. Oh, and get this: We won last game, yet the media says if we lose I'll be fired. Whatever.

35 - Fantastic interception by Walker, who plays an even more amazing long ball for Gary Henry. Stride, stride, and POW! 1-0

53 - I think Ellington has been unfairly bashed, and he rewards me here with a brilliant takeaway followed by a short pass to Henry. Longer pass to Cochrane just in the box and we've a double! Are we finally turning the corner? 2-0

85 - Cochrane got knocked somewhere and I missed notification, but see green cross. We give one back here.

88 - Unfucking believable. 2-2

Ian Evans dropped to a 5.9, and Ellington did finish with a 6.3 Those guys overall shit the bed for everyone else.

And of course we lose Marcus Cochrane for a month. So many injuries. Oh, and before the game Paul Duncan, our iffy Target Man replacement for Cochrane, signed a money youth contract with a semipro team.

14th @Pavenham (5th)
Scott Johnson replaces Evans at DC. Kevin Dixon is back in his poacher role and Austin Hayward, a holdover, gets Target Man nod. Colin Lewis switches to ML and Bobby Hopkinson is back, too, but he'll try MR, since Davison and Perfirmou are doing well enough there.

Another second half collapse and we lose 0-2.

Transfer In - ST Sam Isted - 18
Supposedly his best position is as Target Man, but I see him as a Poacher. He'll play the Target Man role for now though.

15th @East Villa (12th)

16 - Perfimou to Bower to Isted... and instant impact debut goal! 1-0

26 - Oh you have 13 PK? Let's see you get the shot blocked, Hopkinson.

70 - Here we go again 1-1

73 - Out goes Dixon again. Switching to a 3-4-1-2 with Davison at AM, Kenny at MC.

81 - Bower on the corner, but it's deflected. Davison kicks the rebound in for his first goal of the year and we drop to Contain. 2-1


Oh, and we lose Kevin Dixon for 3-4 months.

$18.99k lost last month. Board wants to meet with me over the Chris Chaplain signing. They keep raking me over it and acting like general assholes. Fortunately they don't fire me.

15th @Barnton (13th)
Isted moves to Poacher because Cochrane is back. Jukes will get the BWM trial.

30 - Simple long kick from Hutchings to Cochrane's head. Bower bags the bounce, dribbles into box, and shoots swiftly. 1-0

42 - Yeah. 1-1

50 - ....1-2

55 - Off goes Cochrane again. Sigh. Gary Henry, shifty and all that.

62 - Pink slip coming? 1-3

We lose Marcus Cochrane for 3-4 weeks.

Some youth goalie we had signs elsewhere. I don't notice.

Next Game
It's Andrew Gray at ML, Colin Lewis back to MR. Gary Henry back as Poacher; Sam Isted back as TM. Oh, and Perifmou (sp) is returned to BWM.

7 - Rare great tackle by Johnson to start a move that ends in Gray crossing to Bower for the firm header strike. 1-0

14 - Long buildup on the right flank ends in Lewis to Bower to Isted, and foot sink. 2-0

50 - Gary Henry takes the PK after Isted is nailed... and converts! 3-0

Amazingly we don't collapse. 7.5 for Scott Johnson, and 8.2 each for Joe Bower and Sam Isted. That may have bought me time.

Almost $28k lost last month. Not sure where the money is going. Boobirds still circling.

vs 1st place team in league
Going to give Adam Fawkes a try over Whitehead at DC.

Flat 0-2 loss. We're now 6 points away from safety zone.

Board meets me with again. They want 10 points in the next 5 games. That's 3 wins, a tie, and a loss. Totally not achievable, and I tell them that, so they fire me on the spot. It's December 5th.
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