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It doesn't take me long to get a new job. The end of February.

Hengrove AFC - The Grove

No stadium as they're a Level 10 Amateur side. Housecleaning of staff as per usual. This time I'm going back to a four man backline and trying a 4-4-1-1 setup with attacking wingers in the ML/MR position, attacking AMC and AF, with a BBM and AP in support, CDs in defend, and fullbacks on automatic.

Also, for the first time, I ask to be judged on something else besides results - bringing in young kids for the first team. It's something I can do.

Transfer In - MC/MR George Zuerner (27)
Uh, okay, so my first signing wasn't young. But this Thai midfielder has pace, acceleration, determination, and stamina all at 10 or higher (13 Pace), and will be an attacking right winger.

6th @ Black County Rangers (19th)
G: Terry Carter
D: Ricky Iles/Dean Axon-Smith/Peter Firth/Sam Klukowski
M: Ian Edge/Josh Westwood/Alex Neville/George Zuerner
AM: Stuart Ball
S: Osita Adenyi

10 - Ball with the free kick, and he crosses to Firth for the sink. Good to see I'm able to make use of the guys already on hand. 1-0

18 - And of course they get a PK 1-1

20 - Westwood, who gave up the PK, redeems himself by striking a long ball free kick into the net for his 7th goal of this season. 2-1

45 - Bullshit call. Adenyi was onside. Way to waste a beautiful pass by Zuerner.

50 - FUCK YOU! HE WAS OFFSIDES!!!!!! 2-2

65 - Justin Rush in for Neville and gray guy in for our Thai guy.

70 - Gray guy dribbles down the right wing and crosses far post to Edge, who *just* edges in the header. 3-2

8.3 for Josh Westwood as Player of the Match. 7.4 for Ian Edge and 7.2 for Peter Firth. 5.5 for Sam Klukowski, however, and our fullbacks looked terrible overall, so that's something we need to address.

We're still 6th, but just 3 points out of a promotion place. 31 games played, and there's 42 in a season, so I just might be the guy who comes in and gets an upper half team to an unexpected promotion.

Transfer In - MR Willliam Dickson - 18
Pace, Teamwork, Flair, Technique all 10 or better. Can also play Advanced Forward in a pinch. He might see Zuerner moved back inside.

Transfer In - MLC Melvyn Ellington - 17
I think he got stuck in a bad system for me in my previous job. His play improved after the new guy came in. Ian Edge was great that first game, but he's also 37 years old and retiring this season. I still believe in Melvyn's ridiculous physical stats (12 or higher in everything but 10 Jumping Reach, 7 Stamina, 7 Strength).

Transfer In - DLR/ML Andy Hare - 18
Jumping, Fitness, Leadership and Pace are all 11+. Immediate DL over the terrible Ricky Iles. Can also play ML competently so he could see time there as we mold the roster.

MC/MR Sam Tanner - 17
13 Pace, Acceleration. Also very high Aggression, which players I'm starting not to like in our setup, so he'll be a backup.

6th vs Fairford (22nd)
G: Terry Carter
D: Andy Hare/Kevin Khan/Peter Firth/Sam Klukowski
M: Melvyn Ellington/George Zuerner/Alex Neville/Will Dickson
AM: Stuart Ball
S: Ian Edge

Some more new players, but also shuffling of positions. It's against a weak side, so we can afford to that. Kevin Khan is a holdover who was hurt when I came in.

45 - LOL! Dickson runs down the right wing, and short crosses to the near post where Ball heads it. It's the weakest dribbling ground header I've ever seen in FM, and yet it does just enough to roll past the keeper and the line for a score. I'm still laughing. 1-0

First time I've ever had a team listen at half when I tell them not to get complacent.

55 - Edge gets absolutely flattened and the ball bounces away. Ellington uses his 15 Pace to beat everyone, dribble down the pitch, and short cross to the recovered 37 year old Edge, playing striker for the first time this season. In it goes! 2-0

58 - Heh. Opponent scores, but he literally knocks himself out of the game on the header. Axon-Smith on for the struggling Firth; Westwood for the tiring Neville. 2-1

63 - I'm looking smart after we're awarded a penalty and Westwood converts for the insurance goal. 3-1

7.8 for Ian Edge. We didn't play as well this game as last, but that's to be expected with all the new faces and positions we had in the lineup. We move up to 4th, but are now 4 points back. The team we were 3 points behind for a promotion spot must have had a game in hand. The first place squad *does* have a game in hand, and should win the league outright.

Still looking to upgrade the backline, as our central defenders aren't great and I still don't trust our DR.

Transfer In - DC Stuart Cattall (27)
10+ in Bravery, Concentration, Determination, Work Rate, Jumping, Pace, Stamina, Strength. In other words, a perfect and major upgrade to our shallowness at the back. Stoked as hell.

Youth Intakes
Only one guy impresses me much, and he'll be signed. Everyone else is a wash.

4th vs Sporting Khalsa (5th)
G: Terry Carter
D: Andy Hare/Kevin Khan/Stuart Cattall/Sam Klukowski
M: Melvyn Ellington/George Zuerner/Alex Neville/Will Dickson
AM: Stuart Ball
S: Ian Edge

There's a DR starter upgrade already on the team, but he's hurt. We'll have to stick it out with Sammy Boy until then unless we can con a transfer. There was another kid we almost brought in, but he failed his physical.

Ball blows 3 easy shots, and it's a 0-0 tie at break. Westwood will go on for him at half. Another position we need to upgrade.

I'm putting down the dull 0-0 draw to a need for a better AMC. Now 6 points out of promotion spot, with 9 games left. So it's probably out of reach for us. You never know, though.

At least we're doing okay in my first few games. Maybe I can actually make it two whole seasons with this group.
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