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Originally Posted by Shorty3281 View Post
I don't know if you read my thread yet, but around season 3 or 4 I think, I noticed that OJ Winters was my RBs top competition- and he came from the same draft... was wondering how many people nailed him
Quite honestly, I got a bit lucky with Winters. I was pretty sure he'd be a very good player, but he wasn't really on my target list, either. But when he fell to 2(1), he became a "best player available" pick. I just didn't think he'd be THAT good. If I had, I would have grabbed him with one of the top 10 picks I had.

As far as the QB situation, I did identify Briggs as a top QB, and that made a *huge* difference. He was a lot better than any of the others. I talked with Quik some this afternoon, and he said that Briggs was very good on an AI team in his career, too. It's not terribly difficult to do well with a top-tier QB, two very good WRs, and a top-tier RB.
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