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Jacob starts out the 2nd quarter with a wedge, gains a yard, hurts his back, and runs off the field. JD, not usually the wing these days on that play, lined up as a flanker. I guess that gives us another look.

Bryce would score on the next play, a designed sweep with the crack block that he turns upfield as soon as he sees Ray just open up a HUGE lane. We try our 2nd pass on the extra point. Nick C is wide open, but Nathaniel doesn't loft the ball over the player at the goalline. He jumps and tips the ball away. 25-0 good guys.

Hunter gets off a good kick that the Steelers fall on at their 38. After the kick I'm asked if it's alright if they run the clock continuously to get the game over. The Steelers apparently asked for it, so I agreed.

Three plays later, Layne recovers our fourth fumble of the game at their 40. JD carries off left tackle for 3, Bryce then breaks two tackles off right tackle and is forced out of bounds at the 1 yard line.

With just 1 minute remaining, Jacob has come into the game but Noah had not. We're lucky we're not called for 12 men on the field. Instead, Jacob was lost and never got set so we're flagged instead for an illegal procedure. I send Noah out and we call Nathaniel to keep the ball off the right side. He gains 4 yards on the play. JD scores on the wedge from 1 yard out to get us in the endzone. We try and throw the ball to Ashanti on the play action but Nathaniel is rattled. He doesn't complete the play properly and throws a horrible pass that falls incomplete. Ashanti was wide open. 31-0, good guys.

Steelers fall on the kickoff at their 40 yard line. They score on a busted play as the half expires. Nathaniel ran too far inside and the quarteback ran around him to the outside. Ray, who should have covered the tight end, was instead inside rushing the passer. To his credit, the QB did a great job breaking 2 tackles along the way for the score. The extra point was no good.

Halftime score Vols 31, Steelers 6.
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