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SCAC recovers the kick on their 43. A deep ball falls incomplete even though the receiver was pretty much wide open. Ashanti blew the coverage. Two plays later, Ash redeems himself with the best play he's made all year, and leaping interception that gives us the ball on our 41.

Two holding calls on this drive eventually force us to punt on a 4th and 17. Carlos punts the ball down the middle of the field which is most definitely not by design. SCAC muffs the punt and David recovers it. Carlos scores on the Trojan again, this time from 53 yards out. We attempt to wedge for the extra point and we're denied.

12-6, good guys.

Nick C and Noah make the tackle on the kickoff. However, Noah is flagged for leading with the helmet on the tackle. Layne, Ray, and JD all get their mitts on the ball carrier and drop him for a loss on first down. Layne and Nick C combine for a tackle for loss on 4th down and we take over with just under a minute in the half.

Unfortunately, we don't get anything going and they take over with 3 seconds on the clock. We go prevent defense. Bryce and Ray lined up on the hashes at our 10 yard line. Ashanti and Carlos dropped to our 20. That didn't matter when Layne made the sack for a loss of 8 and to end the half.
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