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Originally Posted by EagleFan View Post
CR reminded me too much of Danny from last game, trying to offer up too much information and ideas. I thought he usually starts out slow but maybe I am wrong about that.

hoops made the same sorta comment about me. What neither of you are factoring in is that I am aways me when I play these games. I don't change, I just play the same way, style wise.

When you see a difference, it has nothing to do with allegiance, but with availability. This game essentially started on Sunday (my only day off), instead of Monday (traditionally a two-job day for me), and it was a boring day off on Sunday, too. Result? A highly unusual number of posts from me.

Think about it, EF. I have been both a villager and a wolf in recent games. Did I start either of those games this way? Chances are, most people would see similarities in my play in all of those games, because they all generally started with me having limited availability (like usual). This game's just unusual in that respect, in that it started on a Sunday.

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