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Hi guys. Please don't take my stance against EF as off-putting. I just didn't like how he "came after me". I honestly don't know what got into him thinking..."OMG, POLI IS WOLF!1!!"

I wouldn't have minded a decent conversation about the merits of all three of us being villagers vs. wolves. Holy cow, though, it seemed like no matter what I posted he had a way to twist it to his own satisfaction, which honestly made playing this game very unfulfilled.

Quite honestly, one of us may have been a wolf. I still think there was a better chance none of us were.

Sadly, his play became tiring for me to even bother reading. I decided to come out with my information. Seriously, I thought I would be dead this afternoon. Eagle's argument that there was a 50/50 shot of me being a wolf I figured would persuade Schmidty.

I'm surprised that it came out in Sparta that I was a good Hoplite. Unfortunately, if there's a wolf amongst us today, I will be dead tomorrow, lynched or not.

In that case, gentlemen, it was fun sans Eaglefan.

No offense, Eags, you just kind of sapped the fun out of what I thought would be a "fun time" in Hades (hence a number of posts I started with here).

God speed, villager.

Oh, and guys, welcome to Hell.
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