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Here is the plan I intend to submit before I go home. Once I leave at 6, I will be gone for the duration.

CR and Danny will go first. You two have to sumbit your own strategy, but I expect that it will probably be passive with minimal effort. You two can decide who will fight tonight when we win the challenge.

CPU winners Festas and Uoya will go next. I will set them to 100%, aggressive.

DT and Schmidty will follow. You two will have to send in your orders, but we will need a win here, and I think your teamates are expecting max effort. One caveat -- you both appear to be skill rather than power builds; talk amongst yourselves, but 100% effort with a mixed approach may better suit your abilities.

I will go last with Imada. He will go 100%. Any rec's on what I should do? Should I make some effort for the win or should I let Imada carry the team?
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