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Originally Posted by lighthousekeeper View Post
guess i showed my inexperience. i really thought i was not going to get lynched that day.

at that point in the game, i thought the townies were outnumbered (4 to 3) so revealing as not a townie would have been a good move to avoid night arsonist/mafia action. my goal was to get the townies to focus on me instead of the arsonist and remaining mafia. if cheekimonk hadn't nominated i'd have survived to continue possessing the townies - still puzzled by that.

Only the townies weren't truly outnumbered as there was black, white, and grey. You were neutral killing/evil so I wanted you to die just as badly as anyone. Especially since you had possessed me the night before and therefore knew I was the lone mafia left. You could have outed me for lynch and survived another night.
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