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Originally Posted by EagleFan View Post
Lynch Results

You have lynched lighthousekeeper.

There was a will next to the body.
Know, then, that I possessed yer souls
And watched the folly oft unfold.
Entrancing evil TBFA
Another poor soul soon eaten away.
Plucked out both of timmae's eyes,
Swapped left for right amid muffled cries.
The lookout proved wonderful prey,
turning his gaze every which way.
Jackal was an early thrall
Doing my bidding - all in all.
(It was me that made Crimson fall)
Two more still alive - they were mine too.
One spoke out - the other's deceiving you.

lighthousekeeper was a witch.

This was fantastic! Good stuff light!!

Thanks for running this EF. Fun role set!! Sorry for the personal stuff... you're in my thoughts man!

Thanks all! This was fun!! I'll definitely be in for the next reiteration.
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Oh yeah... Happy New York Day everyone!
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