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Final Standings...

*We only scored 4 points in our final 5 matches, but that was still enough to win because Orlando and Minnesota had disappointing finishes as well.

*We get a nice haul of $2.1 million for winning the league.

*This is actually our first league win. Every other time we've promoted, it has been from the 2nd or 3rd place spots.

*I spend the extra glory we got on upgrading the scout assistant again. The transfer list now goes down to 22 yrs old. I felt this was necessary, because our youth pulls are no longer good enough to get playing time and the next Youth Academy level is worth $6.4 million.

*Cannon finished 3rd in the league with 20 goals.

*Burroughs finished 2nd with 10 assists.

*Arroyo finished 5th with 46 tackles.

*Pressley finished 8th with 15 saves.

*All goals scored...

Cannon - 20
Hoffman - 13
Edmondson - 1
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