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AFA Cup - Quarterfinals - Leg 1

Brasilia FC at Des Moines Menace

There's a $10 million prize waiting from our sponsor if we make the semifinals. Thankfully, Cannon was on fire in this one. Burroughs is able to get him the ball behind the line three times and Cannon successfully Rainbow Feints the keeper on all three. Brasilia manages to take one back late when their 181 accuracy Forward finally gets a one on one chance with Pressley.

Final: Des Moines 3, Brasilia 1
Goal: Cannon 3
Top Three: Cannon, Burroughs, Metzger

Strong - lvl 68
Cardenas - lvl 65
Cannon - lvl 54
Tellez - lvl 46
Kirkland - lvl 39
Cherry - lvl 37
Titus - lvl 33

*We're at 11,000 fans fitting in our 5000 seat stadium. I'm finally able to upgrade it to 10,000. (Cost of $3.5 million.)
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