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Last week of August, 2005

Fight Night-

Breathe slow, breathe deep, concentrate. Slow the fight down, and visualize what you want to do in the ring. He is going to come to you, let him, he is going to hit you, let him. Then show him what you do. When he throws that wide left hook, I want that counter right in there so fast he wonít know where it came from. Double up on the Jab, make him pay for every step that he takes forward. Donít be afraid to mix it up. He should be afraid. Relax, donít waste your energy, command the ring. This is your fight, this is your destiny, this is your time. Make it yours.

Fanshawís big weakness is his defense. I really hope to exploit that tonight. A win here would go along way in the rankings. Fanshaw is #56 and McFarlane is ranked #65. The bookies are laying there money on Fanshaw. They must have lost faith in me after the Omar Acevedo incident. Fanshaw is 4/6, while McFarlane is 5/4.

There is another big fight tonight. The Featherweight World Title is on the line again. Peter Badillo, 22-5-0(16) is going against #1 contender Armando Medina, 15-0-1(5). Badillo was less than spectacular against Filisilda, and Medina is coming off of a 10-round decision win over Willie Pep. Badillo has the power and Medina has the chin, heart, and conditioning. Oddsmakers are favoring Medina to take the title. He is 8/15, and Badillo is 5/3.

Itís hard to go against a guy who hasnít lost yet, so I donít think that I will.
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