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I confess that I don't follow my alma mater as closely as I used to, particularly since moving out of state. It was easy to pop down to Columbus to catch a game on Tucker's off weeks, or if Tucker played on Friday and Brookstone Saturday (or vice versa.) But now that I haven't seen them play in person in 6 years, it's mainly a case of out of sight, out of mind. There is a live stream of games, so if I'm home on a Friday night, I'll catch that sometimes.

That said, an email I just received from a classmate who still lives in Columbus made me burst with pride. Little Class A Brookstone played our first game ever against AAAA Columbus High School this Friday night and won 35-8.

High school football weekly wrap: Brookstone takes 1st meeting with Columbus team | Valley Preps Blog | Columbus Ledger Enquirer

Granted, based on their average of 2 wins per season over the last 5 years, it doesn't appear that we spanked a world-beating squad, but the fact remains that Columbus very likely has more kids in its Senior Class than Brookstone has in the entire High School (usually in the 250-280 range.) Go Cougs!
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