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I figured most people would miss the point. It's not to score 80pts. It's to determine if this game is essentially rigged. For all the offensive and defensive bells and whistles in the game plan area, it appears from everything I read that none of it matters. If it did matter, then it should be conceivable to destroy your opponent.

Of course, that is not the NFL, granted. But if you manipulate the player talent and have a team of stars Vs a team of stiffs, in theory, you should be able to destroy the opponent 80-0. If an NFL team played a high school team, the score would be 80-0.

My point here is, it appears the game has been programmed to basically make sure every game is realistic or relatively close. Which means talent is not important, the game plan areas are useless and its all based on random luck.

Can someone prove this is wrong?

And, I want to be proved wrong. I would like to believe that you can have a large impact on the outcome based on your coaching, but I don't see it. Yes, in Madden, someone might have superior skill and crush the other guy. In the old fbpro, you clearly could out coach an inferior coach and crush him. I'm wondering if that is possible in this game.
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