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Originally Posted by demons19 View Post
I figured most people would miss the point. It's not to score 80pts. It's to determine if this game is essentially rigged. For all the offensive and defensive bells and whistles in the game plan area, it appears from everything I read that none of it matters. If it did matter, then it should be conceivable to destroy your opponent.

Well, you also have to take the mindset of a pro coach into account. If you're winning, handily in ANY game - you're not going to risk injury to score 80. You're going to go conservative in your playcalling, you're going to back off, you're going to play your subs.

That said, I started a SP career, full draft, took the worst players across the board (but took the best punter, just as a conceit), played 4-deep zone and played aggressive against the run, blitzing maxxed out every defensive play, and ran between the guards every offensive play, and here are the results.:

Best player - P Vincent Douglas: 89/91
Second player - RB Terrell Butler: 13/15

Record: 0-16
Average PPG Scored: 1.1 (32nd)
Highest Offensive Output: 7 points, week 15 (only TD of the season)
Average PPG Allowed: 27.0 (32nd)
Lowest Defensive Output: 15 points, week 8

FWIW, 5th in yards/carry allowed (3.69), 3rd in turnovers given up (12). Worst beating, 37-0. Closest game, 16-3. Best offensive performance: starting RB carried 308 times for 458 yards (1.48 average), and scored the only touchdown. Our punter led the league in punts, (157 to 103), yards (7119 to 4267), average (45.3), longest punt (69), but not on punts inside the 20.

Changing it up to throw deep every down ended up differently:

Record: 1-15
Average PPG Scored: 10.6 (32nd)
Highest Offensive Output: 24 points, week 4
Average PPG Allowed: 31.4 (32nd)
Lowest Defensive Output: 13 points, week 14

Only win, week 1 - 21-19. Worst loss, 41-7. We had several quality seasons from our wideouts: 32-843-7 was the best. Our QB was 120-701 for 2593 yards, 17 touchdowns, and 55 interceptions. -43 turnover margin was quality.

And finally, throwing just screens:

Record: 0-16
Average PPG Scored: 2.5 (32nd)
Highest Offensive Output: 10 points, week 1
Average PPG Allowed: 31.3 (32nd)
Lowest Defensive Output: 16 points, week 15

Closest game: 16-0, week 15. Worst loss, 48-7, week six. Starting QB - 178-550, 444 yards, 0 TD, 8 picks.

Point being... even trying to lose with an incredibly bad team, you're not going to give up tons of points, even though the games aren't close.
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