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Originally Posted by Vinatieri for Prez View Post
Um, why would you ever think you could score 80 points in a game? Have you ever seen that in an NFL game? How often do you see a really good team in the NFL only win by 7 over a really bad team?

who says he was trying to simulate the NFL in his particular league? you assume a lot in your post. perhaps he's just tinkering. excellent teams should destroy bad teams, in a vaccuum. in a vaccuum, a bad team should get slaughtered by a team of vastly superior talent. you don't see it in the NFL (even though i shouldn't be using that league given what this person was trying to accomplish) is perhaps by the time a team has scored 40, 50 pts the bench players have been inserted into the game and a more conservative, clock wasting gameplan was utilized. in the NFL with the salaries these guys make it's not logical to leave in your multi-million dollar players in a game that's already been decided just to reach the 70 or 80 point mark. it's also bad gamesmanship. but in a text sim game that doesn't take into consideration such outside factors then i agree with demons.
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