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QB - Burford and Edwards are coming back. Hopefully they improve, because neither one gave us enough last year in conference play. Burford is a senior. Two underclassmen backups that don't impress. This is a need for the right impact player.

HB - Derrick Brown is an animal and an early entry waiting to happen next year. Three players behind him are not top talents.

FB - Hagood Morris, the starter, is adequate. The senior backup is less so. We could use someone to provide a future roadmap here.

WR - Gary Brewer is going to be at worst an All-Conference performer if he keeps up his grades this year. We have high hopes for Ben Jackson after a so-so freshman campaign (45 rec, 679 yards, 2 TDs). Brett Stablein is a solid performer and we kept redshirt freshman Mike Voight, although he is frustrated. We have our starters, so we would be recruiting for depth if anything. 6 players, no seniors.

TE - Two sophomores, with T.J. Thomas looking like the starter right now. Like fullback, we could use an impact freshman to come in and take a job.

OT - Deep with potential and youth. Just need to keep developing these guys and we'll have a very good line in the future. 6 players, all underclassmen.

OG - Not quite as rosy. We think Luis Jones is a long-term solution (starter as freshman) but are less sold on the rest of this group. 4 players, no seniors.

C - Nick Moore started as a freshman last year. His backup stinks and we can use another body here.

DE - Banducci and Smith were both All-Conference selections. The backups are guys that should be cut, if possible. 4 players, no seniors. Depth is needed.

DT - We can't run a 4-3 until we upgrade here. No one is good, no one has potential to get good. At least they study, which means they won't be relying on me to get them spots on NFL rosters. Heck, they will be lucky to suit up next year. Our biggest need.

ILB - Jerry McCullough and Scott Wilson both played extensively last year and should continue to hold spots in a 3-4 defense. Backup Bryant Bruschi is another solid football player. Playing time is hard to come by for B. Arthur on one of the deepest positions on the squad. 5 players, 0 seniors.

OLB - I wish I could just drop linebackers into the secondary. Travis Wilcox and Hank Swilling will have to continue to improve to hold off Adrian Kyle. 5 players, one senior (worst of group).

CB - No one good, no one who will grow up to be better than average. 6 players, 2 seniors. Very serious need.

S - Greg Moore got a lot of time last year and will be counted on to lead the secondary this year. Noland King and Joe Lusk are able to provide some depth here. 5 players, no seniors. Would welcome a stud at this position, preferably SS.

K - McMullen is coming back for his senior year. Wayne is gone. I'm a big-hearted guy who believes in second chances, but we still have to recruit a backup and long-term solution.

P - Harry Dayne did a very nice job as a sophomore. We have a backup as well.
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