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Week 13:
Big week for us with four signings, including a pair of Top 100 guys.

#11 CB J.R. Jackson gives us a 2nd top corner back in the class. Another guy who will potentially have grade issues (2.0) but I felt like I needed to take chances on top talent in a problem area for us last year.

#54 RB Gannon Dawson - We have our RB for post-Derrick. This guy already shows up with Running 98. And his grades are in order (2.6).

#138 DT Jack Farmer - equally adept (91) in pass rush and defend run. Should be ready to start from Day 1.

#216 FS Jerry Brock - will compete with Thomas for spot on roster, with loser probably getting a redshirt.

Once again, no serious targets were snapped up. This is shaping up as another decent recruiting class.

Week 14:
Three more signings, all listed in Top 125.

CB Rulon Bowens - when it rains, it pours. This guy will stay academically eligible. Early indications are that he is not nearly as talented as the other two players at his position, despite being the #57 rated player in the nation.

DT Jared Burford - another Burford comes to UCLA (no relation). This DT is a run stuffer (104) who will need to work on his GPA (2.2). If he does, I think he will be an instant starter and allow us to run our 4-3.

SS Taz Simms - great athlete, but we want him to stick at SS. #109 rated recruit.

We lost a number of guys we had been pursuing, but not any Top 100 guys (that were not CBs). Best of the bunch at potentially meeting our needs were another DT and a kicker.

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