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At last, three new abduction sites pop up, all are rated very difficult, so the one with the highest panic wins and that will be Mumbai, India. They are at level 5 and I will be rewarded with an assault sergeant as a new recruit.

Operation Morbid Prophet
Date: 05/16/2015
Location: Mumbai, India
Objective: Sweep and neutralize hostiles

Assault Team Rank Specialty Missions Kills Gear
Coffee Warlord Lieutenant Heavy 7 16 Nano-Fiber Vest
Benton Gale II Lieutenant Sniper 6 7 Scope
Da Law II Corporal Assault 3 7 Nano-Fiber Vest
Deacon Palmer II Squaddie Support 1 1 Medikit
Kid Kodos II Squaddie Support 2 2 Medikit

We have a solid squad going in with Law and Warlord back together at last. We deploy and start inching forward slowly employing our usual tactic and of cover and overwatch. Suddenly two floaters drop from the roof of a big building and Warlord and Kodos tag tem them, with Kodos taking one out. Law goes run and gun, but misses the second floater, as 3 more appear inside the building.

This could get tricky, Palmer moves up to a fountain and lays down smoke to cover Law and CW. Gale lines up a floater inside the building and ends its evening with a headshot. Kodos takes a tough shot at the second floater outside and misses, while Warlord suppresses it. Now we need to weather a counter attack.

Plasma streams at us from inside the building, but misses and the floater outside cannot get a shot off, strategy worked. Law misses the floater outside again, the smoke seems to be affecting us too, but Palmer blasts another floater inside the building, earning a kill. Gale is on point again, taking out the last floater inside the building, leaving just the pesky one right in front of us. Kodos misses and Warlord has to reload, so it will get one more crack at us.

The floater fires and Warlord is wounded, but the smoke as cleared and Law lines it up, fires and misses!!! WTH? Palmer lets it go and moves up to heal Warlord instead. Gale has a clear shot and hits it, but it doesn’t go down, dammit. Kodos misses and Warlord has seen enough. As she is getting patched, she zeroes in and brings the pain, dispatching the last floater to wherever aliens go when they explode.

Before we can regroup a trio of thin men appear from a back area of the building and try to flank us. Law has to reload and Palmer misses, but Gale does not, scoring the hat trick with a well place round to the chest of one of the thin bastards. Warlord draws a bead on the bogey trying to move around us to the left and puts him in the dirt.

The final thin man poisons Law, which he takes exception to and goes into run and gun mode, skirting to the side of the thin man his shotgun blast decapitates it. All is quiet again, but we are not done and take the time to reload and discuss a plan of action going forward as the job is not complete.

Kodos moves up to cure Law as we hear noises to the north. We will have to enter the building. Kodos, Law and Gale move in from the east and then head north through a maze of cubicles, while Warlord and Palmer enter from a west entrance and move in a pincher action towards the other team.

Kodos at last makes contact with two more thin men and they take off, one running through a door and right into a shotgun blast to the head from Law, though Law is poisoned from the aliens death in such close proximity. On top of the nausea he is now feeling, Law takes some plasma rash and we all know what is coming next. Screaming, Law rushes the alien and rips it’s organs out with a blast of buckshot, mission complete.

Operation Morbid Prophet - Success
Aliens killed: 10 – Excellent
Operatives lost: 0 – Excellent

Artifacts recovered
5 floater corpses, 5 thin man corpses, 20 weapon fragments.

Da Law II – Sergeant, earning the nickname ‘Chops’ and training in close and personal , which inflicts a 30% critical chance against adjacent targets, right up his alley.
Benton Gale II – Captain, trains in opportunist eliminating the aim penalty on reaction shots, also allowing them to cause critical hits.
Kid Kodos II – Corporal, trains in sprint allowing movement of 3 additional tiles.
Coffee Warlord – Captain, trains in danger zone, increasing area of suppression and adding distance to rocket attacks.

Three is the magic number here as Gale and Law each dispatch a trio of little green men, Warlord gets 2, while Palmer and Kodos account for one each. As we head home we get news that panic has reached critical levels in Brazil, threatening not only the home of BJJ, but carnivale as well. We will have to fix that. Law, due to his usual reckless manner is on the shelf for 5 days as he recovers from his wounds.

Panic in India is decreased by 3, but it increases in Europe and South America. We gain Sergeant Yash Singh, an assault specialist who can step in during one of Law’s many stints on the DL. Most important is with two Captains in the tow now we can purchase squad size 2, so 6 men can now come on missions and I purchase this right away after selling 5 spare floater corpses.

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Way to not die, Kid Kodos II! Go X-Com!

Always helps having an 'insider' on the X-com team

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Name: Fox McCloud
Country: Scotland
Type: Regular

You have already gone on two missions
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