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Even though I think we're best served by a bundle, I dread trying to negotiate this or talking to these companies.

I really don't like Charter. I've had them out to the house maybe 25 times in the eight years I've been in this house. There are constant signal issues. Since they switched to all-digital, nothing works right. I'm glad they finally allowed people to do a box reset online without phoning. With the foreign level-one service they went to, I had reached a point where every time the box went, I'd just tell them to send someone out here. Which they do rather quickly. Strangely, never the same person. I know it's all contracted out these days, but that seems odd.

I think UVerse is all-copper out here. Which means slower internet speeds. For now that's not a serious issue, but I think it will be in the future. They've also dropped from the top of ratings list to near the bottom.

I called XFinity and asked for new product information. I reached someone who couldn't even speak English. She just read scripts in a heavy accent and told me she couldn't understand any questions.

I just don't want to cut the cable cord to spite our sports viewing. Though it's easier to do between April and September.
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