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Auto-depth charts done!

I use a sort of ďbetter than replacementĒ style algorithm to determine depth charts, and it seems to work pretty well. There are some issues with overall positional value calculations, but itís a good start.

Hereís how the Greens roster worked out:


It looks like I locked down the QB/RB/WR trio fairly well. Jarmon is going to be a FREAK! Outside of that, my offense looks pretty bad. Iím not sure why Urquhart was listed as OL3 instead of Willette. (Iím sure it has something to do with the speed) I can adjust the positional value formula to fix that. The rest of the offensive depth chart looks ok, though.

Hereís the defense

One thing is for sure, Iím going to have a fast defense. The skill might not be there, but they can run! It looks like speed is getting used too heavily in depth chart generation here, too. My DL3 and DL4 should probably be flipped, but itís pretty close.

Hereís where I need to make my money, special teams.

Between Urquhart and Dick Klinger (hehehe) we need to do some damage in return game. I imagine the defense is going to give up a lot of TDs, so weíll need to strike back quickly. Iím also hoping the team speed will help on coverage, even if the skill sucks. Maybe Iíll move Dick Klinger (hehehe) to ST instead of KRÖ..

One thing Iíve noticed while working on the depth charts is that I donít really like how they look. Itís not easy enough to find the information quickly. Also, the colors (reds) are too distracting. Iím also noticing that I really want to see the secondary ratings. (tackling, scrambleÖ) Iím not going to fix it right now, but thatís going on the list to be addressed soon.

Iíll post the depth charts of the enemy team as they come up on the schedule. Hopefully that will help figure out whatís working and whatís not.

I just have to finish the stat recording, and we can get rolling!

Open Items List
  • Update depth chart screen for ease-of-use
  • Add secondary ratings to the depth chart
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