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idk where they go with Jabari Parker. I think they're still not there this year anyways (and not sure what veteran you'd get for him right now unless DeAndre Jordan is still on the market and you think he's the missing piece - I think a Kevin Love for Jabari swap could be interesting once LeBron leaves, but Cleveland wouldn't do that now) so it's not a bad thing to see if he and Giannis have some chemistry when healthy and Parker can start putting up better +/- stats instead of just good counting ones. Don't need to go all-in when Giannis just turned 23, and if you're going the other way and trading for draft picks Parker's value will only go up if he comes back and plays well and you can target players better at the draft.

Parker is going to get paid more next season, so holding onto him means you think he's going to be the missing piece because the Bucks have enough other bad contracts that they can't drastically change the roster for the next couple years. At that point it doesn't matter how old Giannis is because if he goes the first 7-8 years of his career without getting past the first round he's liable to leave.

At the point when Parker got hurt last season the Bucks had a +10 net rating when Giannis played without Parker and -2 when both of them played together. Not sure what the path to Parker having a much better plus-minus impact would be when even two knee surgeries ago he didn't look like a decent defensive player in the making and the one thing he's good at takes the ball away from Giannis.

I think more players would be available if the Bucks actually put Parker on the table but even if it were "just" DeAndre I'd consider it a win for the Bucks if they traded a package of like Parker and Henson for him. Worst case, it doesn't work out and the Bucks would have some cap space this offseason or next to find someone to team up with Giannis rather than potentially having to pay Parker $15+ million a year for the next 4-5 years.

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What would Parker's trade value be right now, anyway? I would think other teams would have better packages on offer to get DeAndre. I think the Bucks would need to package him with another enticing piece to land anything significant.

DeAndre can opt out this summer, so not really. If there were better offers for him there's a good chance he'd be gone. Either way Milwaukee should also be looking to trade Brogdon while his Rookie of the Year award still has some shine to it.

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