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Originally Posted by miami_fan View Post
No way. Watching it live my first thought was "This is why you are not supposed to be making the hustle play."
Yeah, keeping an offensive rebound alive in a close game under a minute would seem to be a good thing. And it really does suck because he just landed funny, didn't even land on a foot or roll the ankle.

I still don't know if I'd want him on my team with the loafing back on D, but man he's awesome to watch from afar. The announcers were too busy fawning over Darius Miller hitting the 3 but that last assist he had was like a blind pass through 3 defenders while going the opposite direction, then he had that rip strip of Mbah a Moute iirc & the offensive rebound and 1 to kind of seal it. Unbelievable playmaker for a guy his size.

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