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PS4 interactive signup - The Deadball years

Now that Shaun has released the official patch for Puresim, which includes some major enhancements that will assist in running this type of league with fictional and real players mixed I wanted to restart an interactive dynasty in the Deadball era. The big changes that affect the fictional players are the ability to start as an amateur now and an improved ratings algorythm which will reduce the need to edit as much as I was doing in the 70's league.

In addition signup is easier.

All I need are name, position and 5 attributes ranked most to least important.
I have developed an excel randomizer that will assign starting ratings and potential with modifiers applied based on player ranking.

So for Position players rank the following 5 attributes in order of importance (Contact, Power, Eye, Speed, Potential) 1-5 on the template. For pitchers it will be (Stuff, Control, Velocity, Endurance, Potential)

Attribute Rank
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -

You will never know your rankings, so this should make things a bit more interesting. I will also be simming whole seasons at a time as opposed to months, so it will move quicker and each season will have a summary update.

In addition I have re-designed the player cards and think they are a bit more appealing (Example below)

Finally no more than 5 players will debut each year, so the first 5 start in 1901, the next in 1902, etc. Signups will come from both here and the Wolverine board.

Example of new player cards

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