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1904 Preview - The 3 Musketeers ride again

Our prodigal trio has returned and will once again be plying their trade in the Majors and for the first time one of our lads will be toiling for a National League Nine.

1904 Outlook

Cy Crooks – New York (A) debut 1901: Injuries plagued Crooks in 1903 and contributed to a subpar season. There are some that are beginning to question his durability, but at 22 he still has time prove his mettle and will again begin the season as the Highlanders #1 Starter.

Finn O'Connell – New York (A) debut 1901: Coming off his best season O’Connell was stingy with the hits, but still has control issues that and he continues to have a walk to strikeout ration of over 3-1 for his career. O’Connell will be the Highlanders #4 starter and could be special if he harnesses his control.

Stubs Corchoran – Pittsburgh debut 1901: In the end Corchoran was a big winner in his 1903 holdout as he landed as the starting RF for the Pittsburgh Pirates and will bat anywhere between 4th and 6th in a loaded lineup that is sure to send chills through even the league’s most stalwart hurlers. Stubs played semi-pro ball while out and was said to have been hitting ropes in spring training.

Mathurin Hawkins - New York (A) debut 1901: Hawkins is now firmly entrenched as the Highlanders regular Catcher and will bat either 3rd or 4th in the lineup. A career .300 hitter Hawkins, has also gained a reputation for a rocket arm and has been named in All-Star in each of his first three seasons. He will be the lynchpin of the Highlanders attack this season.

Path Twelve - New York (A) debut 1901: Path took full advantage of his opportunity in 1903 winning league MVP honors and rookie of the year and will begin the season as the starting CF for the Highlanders and will bat either 2nd or 3rd in the order. While it is not expected that he will repeat his success of 1903 he still creates a formidable 1-2m punch with Hawkins in the New York lineup.

Rob Neilsen - New York (A) debut 1902: Despite winning 16 games in his second season Neilsen finds himself in the bullpen as the suddenly pitching rich Highlanders boast 6 potential starters. Neilsen will likely get his share of starts as the season goes on as his velocity is good.

Al Mighty – Washington debut 1902: Many questioned the choice of Mighty to hold out and it may indeed prove costly, despite the fact that he is back in the big leagues. The Senators have an All-Star SS in 24 year old Joe Tinker and Washington may not be big enough for both of them, while Mighty would have surely been starting had he remained a Highlander.

Deacon Palmer - New York (A) debut 1902: Palmer continues to be hurt by his reputation as a big swinger with little finesse and he will start 1904 as the backup at 1B to Red Kleinow, who seems to fit John McGraw’s template of a small ball player. Palmer has a great eye and will need to cut down his swing to play more.

Jace Hunter – Philadelphia (A) debut 1902: Hunter is signed by a mediocre Philadelphia squad whose biggest plus is being managed by the tall tactician Connie Mack. Hunter will start at 3B for the Athletics and bat either 4th or 5th behind veteran slugger Socks Seybold in a decent enough lineup that will need help from an average pitching staff.

Ulysses A Spear - St Louis (A) debut 1902: 1904 is shaping up as a breakthrough year for Spear who is one of only 3 middle infielders on the Browns major league roster. Spears will start at both 2B and SS depending on the pitching matchup and is slated to hit 4th in a Browns lineup that will likely hit fewer homeruns than any team in the big leagues.

1905 Debuts
O’olish ‘The Dublin Kid’ Amaneh – SP 23 years old (Jabez54)

Kangee ‘Chief’ Twinfeather – LF 19 years old (PointGuard)

J.G ‘Wrathchild’ Rothschild – SS 21 years old (Wrathchild)

Buckaroo ‘Buck’ Banzai – SS 21 years old (reflections)
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