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Originally Posted by demons19 View Post
Of course, that is not the NFL, granted. But if you manipulate the player talent and have a team of stars Vs a team of stiffs, in theory, you should be able to destroy the opponent 80-0. If an NFL team played a high school team, the score would be 80-0.
Here's the problem with this logic: even if you get a team of stars, you're not playing against a high school team. There is no player in the game who is less than NFL-caliber talent. You may think of the QB who has no ratings greater than 20 as your cousin who was the scout team QB at a I-AA school, but that thinking is incorrect: he is simply the worst NFL-level talent around. So, when you assemble a team of superstars versus a team of stiffs, think of a 49ers team from the 90's playing against Detroit or Arizona, not the Niners against Boulder High School. The Niners didn't go 16-0 ever, now did they?
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